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Forrest Hall Farm was purchased in 1917 by the Wood family.

       The Wood family belongs to a long line of tenant farmers before becoming land owners. This property, that we now call Forrest Hall Farm, dates back to the 1600’s as an old plantation that stretched for miles. Before that, it is speculated that Native Americans once occupied the area, due to the number of arrow heads found in the fields after the incorporation of deeper tillage methods during the mid 20th century. In the Wood family history, tobacco was the dominant crop of the time. The family grew tobacco in their fields for nearly 85 years until the state funded Maryland Tobacco Buyout in 2000. After the reign of tobacco had ended, the family began to research and plan their future in agriculture. Agri-tourism proved to be the future of Forrest Hall Farm with a corn maze, picnic area, farm animals, and a small shed to sell tickets from. A few years later they graduated to a farm shop to sell their fresh produce, meat, flowers, and home decor. Today, the family continues their work to bring knowledge of agricultural importance to the fast changing Southern Maryland community by providing a comfortable, family oriented venue to enjoy and experience the farm for themselves; a rarity in the modern world.


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